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The activity focus section is a platform to disseminate current information about GERMAX International Consulting and its activities to our partners and clients as well as interested individuals.

Capacity Building Pilot Project VinCaB

VinCaBEvaluation of the joint capacity building pilot project under the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative (EUAV)

With a clear learning and forward looking focus, GERMAX has evaluated the Capacity Building project VinCAB, funded by the European Commission - DG ECHO. This project was implemented by 10 European Sending Organisations and 4 Host Organisations, deploying 42 European expert volunteers in capacity building projects in Latin America and the Balkans. 

Commissioned by the German Red Cross, this evaluation finally serves the establishing process of EUAV, informing the European Commission about achievements, challenges and lessons learned from this capacity building pilot project. 

GERMAX Services:Evaluation workshop VinCaB

  • Formulation of the evaluative framework and the evaluative questions
  • Extensive documentary review
  • Stakeholder surveys followed by face-to-face interviews and phone interviews
  • Testing of findings during an evaluation workshop with all stakeholders (in Croatia)

Working directly with local NGOs in third countries

Review of working Field Visit Ethiopiadirectly with local NGOs in humanitarian interventions 2012 - 2013

GERMAX evaluated the potential effectiveness and efficiency gains of working directly with local NGOs in the humanitarian interventions of the European Commission.

Evaluation report GERMAXGERMAX services:

  • In-depth desk review of and mapping of applied involvement  schemes (EU / worldwide)

  • Review of definitions, policies and guidelines on partnerships amongst ECHO partners and other actors

  • Field missions Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh and Kenya

  • Development of comprehensive recommendations related to direct working relations, possible working procedures and options for improving the currently applied approach of working with local NGOs

FSC - Global Market Survey


FSC Global Market Survey 2013

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Global Market Survey concept and layout support by GERMAX

FSC has a global presence, with representations in 80 markets. Through an unbroken chain of the Forest Management certification (FM) and the Chain of Custody (CoC) certification FSC maintains its system credibility. Together with 44 National partner organisations we are working to promote responsible forest management and to bring FSC certified products and materials from forests to stores.

On an annual basis, FSC reviews the market situation for FSC certified products and services with objective to detect developments and trends and to provide all stakeholders and markets with the results. GERMAX supports FSC in communicating the results and has developed in this context extensive market analysis documentation. It contains next to the textual content many graphical elements such as e.g. info graphics to present results in an understandable and comprehensive way.

European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps

Stakeholder conferenceReview and institution building assistance

GERMAX assists the European Commission in establishing the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Cops.

Humanitarian Aid CorpsAn extensive review has been carried out from June until October 2010, involving  in a comprehensive manner the sector actors in humanitarian assistance and civil protection in the European Union. Futhermore, the major exisiting voluntary schemes have been reviewed.

GERMAX services:

  • In-depth review of voluntary schemes (EU / worldwide)
  • Conception of implementing options for the aid corps
  • Open Public Consultation of stakeholders (EU / worldwide)

For further information, please contact:

Mr Michael Kunze | Tel.: +49-241-40 10 240 – 0

Export Market Development Strategy for the Ethiopian Leather Sector


Diagnostic study and action plan 2013

Ethiopia has a high potential for the development of its leather industry in terms of availability of raw hides and finished leather for leather products.

GERMAX has been working for more than 4 years in Ethiopia and initiated the first major export production partnerships. At present GERMAX is drafting the new export market development strategy, which targets to multiply and to reinforce the initial successes in export production.

GERMAX services:

  • Diagnostic Study - Leather Industry (focus on footwear)
  • Formulation of a Export Market Development Strategy
  • Action Plan for the implementation

For further information, please contact:

Ms Doris Grunert | Tel.: +49-241-40 10 240 – 0



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